Do you want a new bathroom or shower stall?

Due to the fact that the average tub or shower stall receives more water than any rainforest on the planet, which can and does cause all sorts of problems like water leaks, mold issues, tiles popping off, walls and floors rotting - just to name a few, it is important to know that an ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. It saddens us to repeatedly have to rip out beautiful shower enclosures, installed by unskilled contractors just a year or so after they were improperly installed. Unfortunately it takes a little time for the leaks to gradually saturate all the wood flooring and beams, causing mold and mildew to grow inside the walls and under the floor. Some even complain of weird smells but once the water starts dripping down into the living room or the condo unit below, that is when people usually realize that custom shower stalls should be left to the EXPERTS. As you will learn, we are truly the experts in this area. So please read on.  

Another thing to consider is bathroom safety. Most people we have talked to are not aware that 85% of the falls suffered by seniors 65 and older occur in the bathroom. This is based on national studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institute of Aging (NIA). The NIA and CDC note as well that the #1 cause of injury and death to seniors is falling. Falls in the bathroom are all preventable with the appropriate building design and products. We want your bathroom as safe as it is beautiful and we don't want anyone tearing it out in a couple years because of faulty installations. So what makes us so different than the average contractor?

For one, we are Certified Aging in Place Specialists. This is a relatively new certification offered by the National Association of Home Builders and was developed by various specialty departments and associations including the AARP to provide for the needs of seniors who would prefer to prepare their house to meet their changing needs as they age as opposed to being admitted into an assisted living facility. Actually, per nationwide survey, 89% of senior citizens state their biggest fear is losing their independence and the 2nd biggest fear is being admitted to a nursing home! Fear of death for comparison came in tenth place with only 4% so this is a hot topic and one to think about because your new bathroom will easily last decades and you may find yourself moving loved ones in with you at some point who need assistance themselves.

No reason to worry, we will check out your house, sit down and answer any questions you have and work with you to find out what products exactly meet your needs. Don't worry, the process is fun and exciting. We will show you many beautiful product choices and ensure that your new bathroom is as gorgeous as it is functional. 

For some, we will recommend the use of newer products, like shower walls made from beautiful yet strong stone/glass composites that not only take on the look of natural stone but also are about as worry free as possible with no grout joints and even caulk-less joints. Kohler is responsible for the genius behind this product after years of surveying customers who were unhappy with acrylic surrounds. For many of our customers, this is the product of choice.

For other customers whose installations require custom tile installation or just because of preference, you can trust that we are technically in the top 1% of all contractors in this field due to our preparation work.  

The reason for this is we do everything by the book! We utilize the tile handbook, a detailed code-like resource book that is published by the Tile Council of North America. Due to the fact that county inspectors treat tile walls the same as any wall covering, like paint or wall paper, it doesn't get inspected. We at GNA recognize that we and everyone who works for us are basically devoting our lives to this field and so we take training very seriously. We do it right!

We use high-quality german engineered waterproofing membranes in every tile installation we do and specialty techniques and products to ensure a long-lasting high-quality job. Find out more about this at We are trained and authorized Schluter dealers because we believe this is the best product on the market and FAR superior than what the average "contractor" or "tile guy" or plumber does for sure. 

We have done thousands of bathrooms and so we can handle pretty much everything that comes our way. Give us a call at (703) 205-0031 today!