Condo owner?

Although the majority of our work is still in residential single family homes, we have done and continue to specialize in high rise condo associations throughout Northern VA. Once we get started in any of these buildings, the referrals never seem to stop. We are truly at this point "THE EXPERTS" when it comes to doing any sort of renovation in a high rise condo and often know the condo bylaws better than our customers. We can walk you through the entire process and explain what documents you need to provide to your association.  

We are often referred by the Condo Association staff partly because they know in addition to having a bunch of happy customers, we also are a fully licensed Class A Building Contractor (the highest rating in Virginia meaning we could literally build a high-rise condo from the ground up). Plus, we are a licensed PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL contractor. Add to that our workman’s compensation insurance and BBB A+ rating and whats not to like?